Signature Surfaces

How We Work

Our System

We are asked numerous times "whats the system of manufacture and the system for ordering" etc, so we thought it would be a good idea, and very refreshing, to detail our complete system, for your peace of mind

Our Manufacturing system.

We keep all granite worktop colours in stock in vast quantity. We purchase our granites from around the world and it is delivered to us in large slabs called "scants". The face surface is pre polished.

We load the slabs onto one of the saws and cut them to the required sizes.

We then polish the front edge with our fully automatic polishing machinery.

The processed worktops are then ready to accept cutouts for hobs, inset sinks, etc. If there is a polished cutout required for instance for an undermounted sink, or a belfast / butler sink, this is done on one of the CnC machines at the factory. This machine can cut out and polish the cutout automatically, engrave the drainer grooves, and mill out any recessed drainer area, aswell as drilling any tap holes required.

Ordering system

1. Our customer would normally fax or e-mail us, a kitchen plan, or sketch showing the layout of their kitchen, giving their prefered sink type, colour choice and postcode along with contact details.

2. Our customer service team would endeavour to provide a quotation by return but within 24 hours, excluding Sundays.

3. Our customer, having accepted our quotation would be asked to pay a booking deposit

4. Our customer is provided with a template date, and a fitting date to fit in with the schedule of kitchen installation.

5. Our dedicated templater will arrive on the template date to make precise templates, he will use a quality thin board material, and make exact templates taking into account overhangs and odly shaped walls. Once complete he will mark all seen edges for polishing, and mark any cutouts that are required. Our customer will be able to see the exact shape and size of the worktops to be produced. These templates will then be returned to the factory for production

6. The materials are picked, digitally cut and scribed, polished, cnc cutouts performed if required.

7. Our Installation team will arrive on the installation date to efficiently install your worktops.

8. Any outstanding balance is to be paid upon completion

Safe, simple, secure, and guaranteed