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Granite Worktops

In this page we could explain that granite is a naturally occuring crystaline igneous mineral rock, give you latin names, and principle characteristics, telling you how many millions of years it is old, and how and where it is formed. Granite Care will no longer repeat all this useless information. Signature Surfaces will tell you in plain speaking English.

Granite kitchen worktops

Natural Granite is quarried out of the ground all over the world. They quarry it by either drilling or cutting it out of a rock face, lift it to ground level, transport it to a factory and slice it up like a loaf of bread, but long ways. They then polish one face side of every sheet. The sheets are shipped to fabricators such as us, and from these we fabricate and produce Granite Worktops.

Granite Worktops are Brilliant. They are very hard and very shiny. They will last and last, and are now not very expensive. You can order your granite worktops in a variety of naturally occuring colours. Once a customer has Granite Kitchen Worktops, they will never go back to a Laminate Worktop.

Granite worktops are naturally very tough, and as long as you keep them sealed, they will not stain. It is possible to scratch granite, so you must be fairly carefull, but we are talking about abuse, and in normal kitchen use, your granite worktops should last a lifetime.

If you are looking for a luxurious, modern yet natural finish for your Kitchen Granite Worktops then Granite is a perfect choice.

Signature Surfaces recomends the following

Firstly use a thoroughly reputable and recommended granite worktops fabricator for your Granite Worktops. Value is very important but the cheapest granite worktop is rarely the best granite worktop, look closely at their website, do they offer advice, and aftercare? Do they offer you confidence and reliability?

Take care to protect your natural granite worktops from follow on trades, weeks of builders tea, paint thinners, tiling grout and makedo paste tables can be disasterous.

Use a wooden or nylon chopping board to protect your new granite worktops.

Remove spills as they happen, by blotting with kitchen roll and washing..

Keep all granite worktops (except absolute black granite tops) sealed, at least every 6 months.

Wash your granite kitchen worktops with clean soapy water, and paper towel dry.

Avoid dropping heavy objects on to your granite tops and never let anyone stand or sit on the worktops.

Follow these simple tips, and your granite counter tops will last you more than a lifetime