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Granite Worktop - Venetian Gold
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Granite Worktop - Venetian Gold

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Venetian Gold Granite

Venetian Gold Granite or Giallo Veneziano is a natural material of Brazilian origin. It is a golden colour with mottled colours of brown, cream and a tiny hint of khaki green. This colour and pattern may vary due to Granite being a natural material.

This is another farmhouse looking material, although it is a lot more uniform in colour than Kashmir Gold. Looks stunning and compliments all wood colour, especially Oak. The colour is understated and gives an air of quality. No bling in this one, what you see is what you get.


Very popular in barn conversions, farmhouses and cottages, where a natural and earthy tone is required, this colour will transform a kitchen with a warm glow


We source all of our Granites from a credited English Supplier who always assures us that the Granite they supply to us is free of dyes, colourants and any other additives. We only work with solid granite material.