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Granite Worktop - Star Galaxy
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Granite Worktop - Star Galaxy

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Star Galaxy Granite

Star Galaxy is a natural material of Indian origin. It is a Black Coloured Granite with copper flecks contained within it. These flecks are strikingly beautiful when light is cast onto them. The Granite Worktop may contain lots of copper flecks or the flecks may not be as dense. This is all due to Granite being a natural material. Every piece of Star Galaxy Granite is unique.

We resource all of our Granites from a credited English Supplier who always assures us that the Granite they supply to us is free of dyes, colourants and any other additives. We only work with solid granite material.

Star Galaxy Granite is by far one of the most popular Granite Worktops at Granite Care. It truly has the 'Wow' factor.

This colour can be combined with any kitchen colour, looks completely at home on white gloss, cream gloss, even red gloss doors, as it does on oak and beech. Star Galaxy or galaxy as we call it is a true favourite, and is the single most popular choice of granite with our customers past and present. The flecks are coppery in colour and by using warm natural tones this enhances the copper in the flecks. By comparison using steel appliance, chrome handle and taps, the flecks can appear more silver in colour


Star Galaxy is the true king of granite, you will see this colour in every granite showroom, but you should consider the quality. As this is the most popular colour, the demand for quality material has risen. This leaves a lot of second even third rate material on the market for the more unscroupulous supplier to pass on as first quality. Look for excessive pitting in the face, shakes or spa lines that are natural but rate the material lower quality


We have used the same supplier of Star Galxy Granite for 10 years now, and only accept first quality material. This costs a little more, however is well worth it