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Granite Worktop - Nero Impala
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Granite Worktop - Nero Impala

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Nero Impala Granite

Nero Impala Granite is a natural material of South African origin. It is mainly black in Colour and contains a grey fleck. Nero Impala is sometimes known as Bon Accord or Nero Africa. This is one of my favourite granites, it does not look much in a large sheet, but when made into worktops and polished, in particular with radius corners or long flowing curves this material is exceptional. It is one of the lower priced granites too, so you get a black grey granite, for a bargain price, and it looks superb. It always gets a rye smile from customers who have this colour fitted, and i have never known a customer be dissapointed with it.


Due to Granite being a natural material, each piece of Granite is unique so colours may vary slightly.

We resource all of our Granites from a credited English Supplier who always assures us that the Granite they supply to us is free of dyes, colourants and any other additives. We only work with solid granite material.