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Granite Worktop - Kashmir White
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Granite Worktop - Kashmir White

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Kashmir White Granite Sample only £5 deposit Refunded on completion of graniteworktop order

Kashmir White is a solid natural Granite, of Indian origin. It is sometimes alternatively known by some as Cashmere White. The main colour of the Granite is an off-white colour which is then added to by grey specks, brown/red spots and sometimes grey strains and veins throughout the Granite pattern. The colour can also be seen with a green hue. This pattern will vary on each piece of Granite due to Granite being a natural material.

Kashmir White is quite open and porous and will need a regular schedule of maintenance to protect it. Avoid spills and clean up regularly and often. You will need to avid using alcohol or spirits on this surface, and we recommend re-sealing this colour every 2-3 months to avoid staining

We resource our Kashmir White Granite from credited English suppliers who assure us that the Granite that they are supplying us with is colourant and dye free. We only work with solid, additive-free granite.