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Granite Worktop - Kashmir Gold
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Granite Worktop - Kashmir Gold

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Kashmir Gold Granite 

Kashmir Gold Granite is a natural material of Indian origin. It is sometimes named Cashmere Gold or Kashmir Yellow. Kashmir Gold is of a yellow/golden colour with small brown and grey flecks.

All of our Kashmir Gold Granite is resourced from credited English Suppliers who assure us that the Granite they supply us with is free from dyes, colourants and other additives. We only deal with real solid granite.

Kashmir Gold is an excellent choice for Kitchens with Cream Coloured Kitchen Units.

This colour will give the impression of a farm house type look. It is a very soft, natural toned colour, with occasional grey diagonal veins. We strongly recommend you choose your own sheets when using this material, and ensure your supplier does not use colour enhanced stock. This means the quarry may use a chemical enhancing agent to bring out the colour, or to dye the lighter batches to a deeper golden colour. Granite Care do not use such materials


This material tends to be quarried in very large blocks, producing sheets of massive proprtions. It is not uncommon for us to receive these sheets in sizes of 3.6M long and 2M high. We do not recommend any single length of this material in more than 3M long, and if you need a sink or hob cutout in this material, please ensure no single length is more than 2.8M long.