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Granite Worktop - Blue Pearl
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Granite Worktop - Blue Pearl

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Blue Pearl Granite Worktop 

Blue Pearl Granite is a natural material of Norwegian origin. It is a solid, natural material of grey/blue colour with large pearlised flecks. These flecks then reflect the Colours around them. Because Granite is a Natural material, every piece is unique so colours may sometimes vary.

We resource our Blue Pearl Granite from highly established English suppliers who always assure us that the Granite they have supplied us with is free from colourants, dyes and any other additives. We only work with additive-free, Solid Granite material.

This Granite is a very popular choice for our customers due to its colour scheme. The colour of grey and blue aquatic shades makes this Granite ideal for both Kitchens and Bathrooms.

This is one of the oldest and most popular colours to choose. Blue pearl is quite expensive and traditionally was always used in quality environments, like banks and prestigious office, but due to economic conditions is now affordable as a kitchen worktop of choice

This material is not particularly suitable for long lengths with cutouts, and may have to be jointed to maintain stability, we will advise on templating of this.


We feel this colour work best on lighter coloured doors, and particularly stunning on a white high gloss door, but please be carefull as the colour can be quite tying when it comes to accesorising your kitchen.


This is truly a gorgeous colour, which will enhance any kitchen, looks and feels high quality with an air of decadence, and a royal harmony.


Please be sure to view a current sample before choosing this colour as Blue Pearl Granite can vary between navy blue, royal blue and aqua blue.