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Granite Worktop - Black Pearl
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Granite Worktop - Black Pearl

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Black Pearl Granite 

Black Pearl Granite is a natural granite material of an Indian Origin. It has a very consistent colour of Black with slight Grey/Green Speckles. Every piece of Granite is Unique because of it being a natural material, so colours may vary slightly.

This bargain granite is one of the cheapest blacks around. It is not the hardest of materials and can be quite changeable, therefore we recommend viewing of a current sample before order


It is particularly popular with those on a budget that want a black granite worktops, and well worth thinking about


We resource all our Black Pearl Granite from creditable English Suppliers who ensure that the Granite they are supplying us with is free from colouring dyes and any other additives. We only deal with Solid Granite.

This is a very popular choice amongst our customers, as some people may want a Black Granite but something with a pattern, in it rather than a sheer black colour. This is the perfect choice if you have that specification in mind.