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Granite Worktop - Absolute  Black
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Granite Worktop - Absolute Black

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Absolute Black Granite 

This is a natural granite worktop of Indian origin, it is very very hard and has a uniform black colour with a very slight silver grain. Absolute Black is also commonly known as Nero Assoluto, Nero Absolute, Nero India and Indian Black


We only ever source our Absolute black from highly reputable English suppliers which ensures the colour has not been dyed or "enhanced" like some of the cheaper materials available from cut throat suppliers.


This is one of our customers most popular choice of granite worktop, and will stand the test of time, with outstanding beauty. The most highly polished appearance of all the Natural Granite Colours, this material needs more care and cleaning than most, but will reward you with a surface of unrivaled beauty


Absolute black granite worktops are very hard wearing, and account for a substantial amount of our total granite worktops sales.


Black granite will look stunning when used on any door colouring. We have installed this colour on almost every conceivable colour of both wood and high gloss door, and it really makes a statement


Truly a tried and tested worktop, throughout the world, Absolute Black granite worktops will enhance the look, feel and value of your home