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Quartz Work Surfaces

Quartz Work Surfaces are fast becoming the worktop of choice for kitchens. Most people still do not understand the difference between granite worktops and quartz worktops. Granite is a natural rock, volcanically formed in the earth, quarried out in blocks and sliced into sheets. Granite is porous and requires maintenance but offers natural beauty at an affordable price. Quartz work surfaces are made from man made material, using over 90% natural quartz minerals, ground into small crystals, which when mixed with polymer resin can be cast into sheets of quartz. Quartz is virtually non-porous, very hard wearing and comes in a vast array of colours and styles. Due to quartz being completely sealed during production, this material is by design anti-bacterial.

Quartz Work Surfaces have all the properties and qualities that you would expect for a regularly used kitchen worktop, and Quartz is designed to last a lifetime.