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How To Remove Stains On Granite

Getting a stain on your Granite Worktop can be your worst nightmare. After spending your hard earned cash on them, it is the last thing that you would want to happen. Granite Care get asked the same kinds of questions regarding Stain Removal everyday. “Oh No! I’ve just spilled superglue (or another nasty spill) on my Granite Worktops, what do I do?!” being the most regular format.

In this Article, Granite Care will hopefully help you solve these problems and teach you how to Remove these nasty Stains.

Granite is a porous material, so it allows liquids and chemicals to soak easily into the top layers of itself. This is why Granite stains quite easily. Although, with this advice and some hard work, your Stain should come out quickly.

The first piece of advice is you could use a chemical cleaner to try and bring the Stain out. To do this, you would first need to identify the stain and what caused it, such as a cooking oil spill or superglue. The colour of the Stain is also indicative of how serious the Stain is. If the Stain is very dark in colour, it will be more hard to bring out than a Stain that is light in colour. Then, purchase a chemical cleaner that is appropriate for your type of Stain. Stains usually fall under either an oil based Stain, ink Stain, etc. Chemical cleaners usually say on their labels the kind of things they can be used for. Use your chemical cleaner on your Stain and hopefully it will come out.

For really tough Stains, a Poultice would be the best thing for you to use. What is a Poultice? A Poultice is made up of Powered Whiting (which can be purchased from your local DIY store) and Hydrogen Peroxide. After purchasing these two products, there is a method to removing your Stain which will be explained now:

1. Wet your stain with a damp cloth.

2. Mix the Whiting and Hydrogen Peroxide and make the Poultice (It should make a thick paste).

3. Apply the mixture to the stain.

4. Overlap the stain by approximately an inch.

5. Then, cover the stain and mixture with cling film/wrap and seal down with temporary masking tape to your Worktop.

6. Cut holes in this film/wrap so there is air getting to the mixture and stain which will dry it out.  This needs to be done otherwise, the procedure will not work and the stain will remain.

7. Leave this mixture/wrap and film/tape on your Worktop for approximately 2 days so the Poultice will have time to dry out completely.

8. After the two days have passed, remove the Poultice from your Worktop and rinse with water and a cloth.

9. Finally, dry the Worktop with a dry, clean cloth.

Hopefully, the Stain should now be removed. Otherwise, repeat the process until the Stain is gone. Really Tough Stains normally take around doing 5 Poultice Procedures.

To PREVENT Stains altogether, use a Granite Sealer such as the ones Granite Care can provide in their Akemi Care Kit at the **Bargain Price** of £ 35.90 including VAT (This can be seen below).


 Sealing your Worktops SEAL the Pores on the top layers of the Granite Worktop Surface, preventing any liquids or chemicals from entering the surface, saving you less stress later if a stain develops.

Granite Care also recommend “Bar Keepers Friend”. This is a powder which you sprinkle onto a wet cloth, rub gently onto the stain then rinse it off. It removes most stains quite easily, so it would be worth a try if all other methods fail. It is available from most supermarkets.

Hopefully, your Granite Worktop Stain Problems have now been solved.