Signature Surfaces

Granite Worktops rise above the recession

Turn on the radio or tv, and all you hear is about the recession, the double dip, the world economy, and the like. The high street is suffering, times are hard, wages freeze, rising fuel costs. Apparently everyone is tightening their belts, cutting costs, saving money. Why then is the Granite Worktops industry flourishing in these times? I think people can identify quality, and know it makes sense to spend a little more to get a lot more. Take our range of standard colour granite worktops. They only costs a little more than ordinary laminate worktops, but the benefits of granite worktops over laminate worktops are immense. Why would anyone prefer to spend say £1000 on high gloss laminate tops, when for £1200 they can use a natural granite worktop? Even in hard times people can find a little more money, to recieve much better value. The return on investment is far greater with Granite Worktops.

Signature Surfaces cater for budget granite worktops from £1199 to Custom Quartz installations upto £10,000. Follow this link to our Granite Worktops Website