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Cleaning Granite Worktops

One of the most frequently asked questions at Granite Care is: “How do I clean my Granite Worktops?“ 

Granite Care can provide you with the answer.

Minimum Cleaning:

If you have minimal dust on your Worktops and simply want to make them clean again, the best thing to do is to use a damp cloth to wipe over the Worktop Surface which will pick up any dust. Then use a dry microfibre cloth (available from most shops and supermarkets) or Kitchen Roll / Paper Towel to pick up any remaining dust and buff until the surface is evenly polished. 

Polishing your Granite Worktops:

To polish your Granite Worktops and to make them look as shiny as new, the above method will do this. Although if you want a more shiny finish, Granite Care recommends using Granite Clean and Sheen. This is a spray on product which you simply apply to the Worktop Surface, spread with a dry cloth and buff until no product remains. This will make your Worktops look brand new. Although, Clean and Sheen is only to be carried out every 3 months or so. Otherwise, a product build-up will occur which you do not want. 

Hard Cleaning:

For more intensive cleaning of your Granite Worktops, one thing is recommended by Granite Care. If you regularly seal your Granite Worktop Surfaces, every 6-12 months with a sealant such as Lithofin SlateSeal Sealant , your Worktops will become almost stain and water resistant which means they will be more easier to clean in the long-term because nothing will be absorbed into the Worktop. 

If you have not sealed your Worktops and develop a Stain/hard to clean area:

If you forgot to seal your Worktops or simply didn’t have the time, do not worry. There is a solution. 

For light staining of the surface, the product that Granite Care recommends is Akemi Triple Effect. This is a spray on product that you spray onto the surface, spread with a dry microfibre cloth and buff to spread the polish on the surface evenly. This should hopefully get rid of your small stain.

If your Stain or hard to clean area will still not budge, you will need to carry out another treatment. The first one to try is a Poultice. This will cost you a small amount to make up, but a lot less than if you were to buy a retail Stain remover. For really tough Stains, a Poultice would be the best thing for you to use. What is a Poultice? A Poultice is made up of Powered Whiting (which can be purchased from your local DIY store) and Hydrogen Peroxide.

How to be make a Poultice can be seen here.

Is there anything that contains a Granite Cleaner and Polisher?

The answer is Yes. Everytime you polis your Granite Worktops, you must make sure you thoroughly clean your Worktop Surfaces before. This is because if you leave any dirt or residue on the surface, the polisher will then slightly seal this onto the Worktop, making it very hard to get off. The Lithofin Care Kit which is strongly recommended by Granite Care contains both Cleaner and Polisher amongst other things. Buying this all-in-one kit will save you money as it would cost a lot more to buy each of the products seperately.

If you need any Cleaning or advice on a Stain you may have or wish to purchase any of the Products within this article, Granite Care are always happy to help. Contact Granite Care today.