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Blue Sparkly Quartz, The New ‘It’ Colour for Kitchen Worktops

Over recent years, Quartz Worktops have gradually become the must-have item for any Kitchen. Quartz is a man-made material, which is manufactured from mixing together different crushed Granites and resins in order to give the material its Colour. This material is then sealed completely in order to give the material that your Kitchen Worktops can be fabricated out of, which will make your Worktops basically maintenance-free.

Quartz comes in a range of different Colours. Due to the different resins that are mixed in to make the Quartz during the manufacturing process, brighter Colours can be manufactured in Quartz which you would never be able to get in Granite. Because Granite is natural, the Colours that are available tend to be more earthy colours such as Grey, Black, Brown, Dark Green, etc. Whereas, with Quartz, there are more lighter and brighter colours available such as Absolute White, Red, BLUE, Pink, Yellow, Green, Cream and lots of Colours with Sparkles / Mirror Chips such as Black Sparkly, Red Sparkly, White Sparkly and many more.

Over the past few months, Granite Care have been dealing with lots of customers who have wanted to have Blue Sparkly Quartz installed in their Kitchen. Blue Sparkly Quartz is one of the Quartz Worktop Colours that is more unique and makes a Kitchen look more unusual. Recently, a NEW Quartz range has become Exclusive to Granite Care, Totem Quartz and this range brings with it a whole new batch of Quartz Worktop Colours.

The Blue Sparkly Quartz that comes with the Totem range is Stella Celestis. This Blue is a mid blue, not too light and not too dark. The Colour also contains mirror chips which makes the material sparkle without natural or artificial light. Many customers who have either White or Cream Coloured Kitchen Units and Kitchen Doors have chosen this Worktop Colour, increasingly making it the new ‘it’ colour for Kitchen Worktops.

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