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About Granite Care

Firstly please please please consider your Granite or Quartz supplier carefully, we are a bona-fide Incorporated Vat Registered Limited Company. We sell granite worktops, quartz worktops, and associated care products. Also watch out for companies who only sell care products and not the granite or quartz itself, why would this be? are they so uncompetitive? Please also feel free to contact our previous customers for an insight into their experience

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We have a £1million production facility in Appley Bridge, Wigan, Lancashire where you are very welcome to view our vast stock and 2 fully furnished showrooms. We have over 30 seperate complete displays, showing island units, breakfast bars, curves and rounds, polished cutouts, recessed drainers, several drainer groove patterns, moulded edge details, etc. etc.

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The cut on site versus template and fit debate continues to rage. We specialise in template and fit. Cut on site innevitably means a compromise. Our professional templaters will arrive and promptly and efficiently construct full timber templates, to actual sizes allowing you the opportunity to see exactly the size and shape of the worktops to be produced. The whole process should only take 2 hours.

I still do some of our fitting with workshop colleagues.I know of companies using fitters with very little experience, time served? yes, but at what? joinery? brick-layer? who knows? Our fitters are time seved stone masons, with fully qualified staff, fully equipped vehicles, and are fully insured, vetted and known to us for a very long time.

Granite Worktops auto polishing machine

Our staff are clean, tidy and presentable, in suitable vehicles, and will take very good care of your home, and be polite to you and your neighbours.

For the customer, we look very professional, smart, are happy and courteous to you and your neighbours, and most importantly, the materials will arrive very safely as they've not been jammed in the back of a dirty old broken down van.

Our templaters can come to your house and produce accurate mdf templates, often visiting 3 or 4 customers in one day! We just return these templates to the factory and the production process begins immediately!

We will then return with your customised finished worktops within a few days and trim on site if neccesary (not very often neccesary, but for your peace of mind it can be done) Just go for quality, with choices, not compromise, at affordable prices, from a company that cares: Granite Care.