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Kutchentechnik Kitchen Compac Absolute Blanc Quartz Worktops
Handpainted Cream kitchen with Absolute Black Granite Worktops
Induction Hob in Labrador Antique Granite
Kutchentechnik Walnut Kitchen with Compac Botticino Quartz
Atlantic Snow Granite Worktops on Kutchentechnik Fitted Kitchen
Juperana Bordeaux Granite Island on Kutchentechnik Bordeaux Kitchen
Franke Swing Black Glass Motorised Extractor, Samsung Quartz
Kutchentechnik White Gloss Laquered Kitchen with Star Galaxy
Kutchentechnik Contemporary Kitchens

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Compac Quartz Worktops Silestone Quartz Worktops samsung radianz quartz

Signature Surfaces are THE Internet's Specialist NATIONAL Supplier of Natural GRANITE Worktops, SILESTONE Quartz Worktops, Corian Worktops and Tri-stone worktops. We also supply COMPAC, SAMSUNG QUARTZ and the new SIGNATURE RANGE Quartz Worktops.

We keep our costs down really low, to keep our prices down. Our websites are our shop windows, we answer your e-mail enquiries efficiently, fast and freindly, just email your enquiry and we will respond quickly and provide you with a full quotation and all our contact details. E-mail us now at

Granite Worktops, Quartz Worktops, Silestone.

We are specialist UK Granite Kitchen Worktops Suppliers, Quartz Worktop Fabricators, We use only Top Quality Star Galaxy Granite, and Un Dyed Absolute Black Granite Sheets to make our High Quality Granite Worktops. All our Granite Worktops uk and Quartz Worktops for kitchen worktops are made here in the UK, to provide you with the Highest Quality Granite Worktops, at a very affordable price, without any compromise on quality. We provide the finest range of Granite Worktops with great prices, and a complete professional service.

Corian Worktops, Tri-stone Worktops, Acrylic Worktops.

We are Market Leader UK Du-pont Corian Trained Kitchen Fabricators, We use only Top Quality Uk market leading Du-pont Corian and Tri-stone products to make your High Quality Worktops. All our Corian Worktops uk and Tri-stone Worktops for kitchen worktops are made right here in Lancashire and Merseyside, to provide you with the Highest Quality Acrylic Worktops, at a very affordable price, without any compromise on quality. We provide the finest range of Worktops with great prices, and a complete and bespoke service.

So Why Should i choose You? for my Granite Worktops uk

The simple answer is, that We use state of the art Granite Worktops machinery right here in the UK, that will give a first class, ever lasting finish, Very accurate, with very fast turnaround. We have a massive choice of kitchen granite worktops from stock, and all this service at a very good price, we may not be the very cheapest around, but you can get a lot more for just a little more. Then there is our specialist recessed granite worktops drainers, and signature granite worktops drainer patterns and a truly unique customer service.

What's the difference between Granite Kitchen Worktops and Quartz Worktops?

Granite for Granite Worktops is a natural rock, formed deep in the earth, granite is quarried in huge blocks, and sliced, then polished on one face. Granite Kitchen Worktops are micro porous and require a little maintenance. This will give you natural beauty, and a one off look, as every piece of granite worktop is different. You should be prepared for some natural variations, and a little work to keep your granite worktop's high gloss polish.

Granite Worktops require sealing, every 3-12 months dependent on colour, lighter colours require more regular sealing. We recommend the use of a quality stone sealer. Granite is perfect where looks are more important than use.

Quartz for Quartz Worktops is a man made material, using over 95% natural quartz, ground into small crystals, then mixed with resin and glass, and cast using the latest techniques, to give a material of super quality and strength.

Quartz Worktops are virtually non-porous, making them highly stain resistant, very hard wearing, and come in a vast range of colours. This material is not quite as highly polished as granite. Quartz is extremely low maintenance, and ideal for modern busy life.

Quartz composite worktops like Silestone are fast becoming, the material of customer choice for your kitchen work surfaces, and has all the properties, and qualities you would expect for regularly used kitchen work surfaces. Quartz is designed to last you a lifetime.

Nationwide Templating and Installation of our Granite Worktops and Quartz Worktops

If you are looking for Quality Granite Worktops or Quartz Worktops in Manchester, Liverpool, Wirral, Ashton, Leigh, Warrington, Wirral, Meseyside, Southport or St. Helens, then contact us for free impartial advice from the UK's Granite Worktop Specialists.

If you are interested in fitting Granite Worktops or Quartz Worktops in your home, and want a reliable company that covers Wigan, Preston, Blackburn, Southport, Ormskirk, Parbold, Burscough, Bury and Burnley, then choose us.

If you do not live locally, or if you live in Birmingham, Bristol, London, Wales, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Carlisle, Cheshire, Staffordshire, you can still explore this website, and feel confident we will provide you with the same first class service, at a very competitive price.

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